„Caribbean Beats“ – sommerliche Beats von Cookin Soul

Heute möchten wir euch das neue Projekt von Cookin Soul vorstellen. Der spanische Beatmaker hat mit „Caribbean Bites“ ein neues Beat Tape veröffentlicht, mit welchem er uns 19 sommerlich-frische Instrumentals schenkt.

Über den Entstehungsprozess von „Caribbean Bites“ erzählt der Producer folgendes:

„Last January my family and I went on a 2 week vacation to Curaçao, a beautiful island in the southern Caribbean Sea about 65 km (40 mi) north of Venezuela. We very much enjoyed our stay at the luxury penthouse we rented in the Jan Thiel Beach area; I had plenty of time to relax, but since I had my MPC Live with me… why not make an album there?

The amazing views, the crystal clear sea water, the variety of fishes and birds we saw like flamingos and trupials, really inspired me. This project is a collection of ideas and pieces I put together on this trip. Equiped with a folder of preloaded samples and some unfinished projects, I dove into the Caribbean vibe to get this album done on Curaçao… I made tracks inside the jacuzzi and at the pool, some while I was having breakfast on the terrace surrounded by nature, and even on the airplane on our way to the island…

Make sure to enjoy this album just the same way I enjoyed making it; sipping on some cocktails at the beach, chilling in the swimming pool or lounging on a nice terrace or balcony… anywhere you can, just relax and enjoy!“

Ist „Caribbean Bites“ vielleicht der Ersatz für das diesjährige Urlaubsgefühl? Einfach mal einen Cocktail mixen, die Anlage aufdrehen, Augen schließen und die Musik für ein paar Minuten wirken lassen und schauen was passiert.

Bandcamp Stream: Cookin Soul – „Caribbean Bites“

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